Google boost Android security with Play Protect

Google boost Android security with Play Protect
Google boost Android security with Play Protect

Google has released a new feature to the Google Play app called "Play Protect" designed to search for apps that may potentially cause harm to your android smartphone as well as provide information on your device security.

Play Protect was first announced in May 2017 at Google I/O and is expected to play a critical role in the next version of Google mobile software, the "Android O" which would be released later in the year.

The new service uses machine learning techniques to automatically scan your android device for malware or suspicious activity to keep your device, data, and apps safe.

Google Play Protect is an all in one security pack for android devices, it replaces Google's "Verify Apps" feature and do more by providing security information about the device. Although Google has safe-checks to prevent malware from entering the Play Store, it doesn't entirely monitor what is installed on the device. Play Protect will also scan apps downloaded from third-party sources.

Play protect comes with an anti-theft component "Find my Device" which gives users the detail about the last known location of their android smartphone. Find My Device is akin to Apple's "Find My iPhone." and Window's "Find My Device"

Google boost Android security with Play Protect
Credit: Google

The app scanning feature of Play Protect works automatically but you can customize its settings — such as disabling its regular security threat checks (not recommended) — by visiting Google > Security > Verify Apps in your phone’s settings.

Devices running Play Services 11 or above will first receive the update, others would follow suit.

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