7 Basic application type every phone needs

7 Basic application type every phone needs

So many phone users hate crowding their phones with applications, especially unnecessary ones. Some others own phones that don't have the memory capacity to house a lot of applications and these tend to cause deletion of some apps, sometimes basic apps.

This post throws in a new light to the basic applications on phones—it would help phone users identify basic app types and their importance in an everyday phone usage.  
If you've just got a phone and you're wondering which apps would make the buy worthwhile? Then you're in the right place.

Which are the basic application types?

Here I'd draw the line—leaving out unnecessary application types. The basic apps types are listed below.

Backup apps

7 Basic application type every phone needs

Amongst others, Google drive is the most trusted because it's established by Google. Let's talk more about Google drive.
Google drive is a great cloud storage that offers new users fifteen (15) gigabyte (GB) of storage for free, with a choice of purchasing more if deemed fit. A user of Google drive can backup important files, collaborate, share files and save them offline for convenience.
In addition, Google drive offers a suite of Android apps that are attached to it. They include Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Keep.

Antivirus apps

7 Basic application type every phone needs

There are various good antivirus apps a phone user can get for free. And the reason an antivirus app is a basic app is that it helps protect the phone from viruses and some even have added features to help locate the phone if missing, and much more.

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Browsers apps

7 Basic application type every phone needs

Browsers are basic applications because they basically help a user to surf the internet. There exist a load of varieties, like UC browser, Opera Mini, etc. All browsers have something unique about them. You should use whichever suitable or that which is comfortable for you.

Communication apps

7 Basic application type every phone needs

Nobody is an island—which is making communication applications basic, and in order to flow, one must communicate. This brings us to social media. Social interaction apps are mediums a person could use either in business or otherwise, to interact with people whether in a small group or large one. A user can communicate via platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, etc. These platforms have held their end of the bargain by making the world a small place—gifting users, all-around reach—making communication apps prominent.

Dictionary app

7 Basic application type every phone needs

This is so a basic app because our day to day communication is through language(s). Knowing the meanings of words and how they are actually used in speech and writing, helps to strengthen interaction—irrespective of the language.

Flashlight app

7 Basic application type every phone needs

You never can tell when it would come in handy, but it's a really good application to have any time, any day.


7 Basic application type every phone needs

Either to pass time, to ease tension or just to have fun, games are basic apps. It could be any game at all—maybe career related type, it doesn't matter. As long as it plays its role—its purpose of production, which is to keep a user hooked, then it's a win for the phone user.

Note: The uses of basic apps are always good when a user has a phone with low memory or does not want his/her phone crowded with apps.
If any of that isn't a problem, then, there are countless fancy apps a user could use, but the whole can't be mentioned here, but a little. There are apps under; Style texting, voice recording, more games, music players, pictures, etc. that could always add flair to a users phone usage.



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