Google launches Hire, a recruitment App for employers

Google launches Hire, a recruitment App for employers
Google launches Hire, a recruitment App for employers

Google has today released a new app designed to help small to mid-sized businesses find and recruit talents. The new app called "Hire" builds on G Suite and give employers the convenience of tracking candidates' resume, contact information and calendar invites.

Hire synchronizes your communication with your candidates to Gmail. The service would also allow business partners to share feedback within the candidate’s profile.

The new app which seamlessly integrates with G Suite apps like Gmail and Google Calendar is pitched as an “end-to-end” tool to efficiently and effectively manage the entire interview process. An interview could be conducted remotely across Hangouts, with interviewers seeing applicants' information in real time.

Google explains in a blog post that the Hire Product team were poised to changing the "clunky, unintuitive and hard to learn—endless configuration options, tables and lists and mind-numbing data entry" tools that employees rely on at work.

Hire works well with Sheets allowing for easy export of candidates' data to Sheet format.

Google says the Hire Product Team had been testing the service with early adopter customers for more than a year before releasing it in public today.

Information voluntarily shared by a candidate is what prospective employers would have access to.



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