Facebook new feature "Groups for Pages" is centered around super-fans

Facebook new feature "Groups for Pages" is centered around super-fans
Facebook new feature "Groups for Pages" is centered around super-fans

Facebook has added a new feature today called "Groups for Pages" which allows for Facebook Page admin to create sub-groups within their Page. The feature designed for the 70M Pages on Facebook is centered around super-fans to allow for community-style discussion and direct interaction with owners of the page.

Chris Cox, chief product office at Facebook said what inspired the feature was the success of "PostThis Group" started from The Washington Post by Terri Rupar and Teddy Amenabar, which allowed reporters to interact with the most avid fans of the paper and the fans with each other.

"It was a digital version of letters to the editor, but with ongoing real-time discussions." Cox the fans loved it and "we heard from the Post that it was a success".

The new feature will aid brands in creating groups without having to use employees’ personal Facebook account.

Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook on his wall post said "A lot of people follow pages on Facebook for topics they're interested in. So today, we're making it easier to join groups around the pages you follow."

The Facebook founder noted that "dealing with addiction can be isolating and AddictionUnscripted.com is a place for people affected by addiction to come together." He added that joining their page gives you the opportunity of connecting with other people going through similar thing in their(AddictionUnscripted.com) Support Group.

"One of the most important things we can do right now is bring people closer together through communities. Changes like this are a small step in that direction." Mark said.


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