China agrees to enhance cooperation in science and technology

China agrees to enhance cooperation in science and technology

An agreement to strengthen bilateral cooperation in science and technology sector under the Belt and Road Initiative was made yesterday by China and Pakistan.

This agreement was made during a meeting between President Hussain and Wan Gang, the Chinese Minister of Science and Technology, who was visiting for the 18th Session of the Pak-China Joint Committee on Science and Technology Cooperation.

Hussain said that the energy crisis in Pakistan would be  alleviated with the use of modern Chinese technology in the CPEC related energy projects, and this will play a key role in the country's long-term growth. India has rejected the USD 50 billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), which is part of the Silk Road.

In a statement made by the president, he said "We are also interested in benefitting from China's ambitious China-South Asian Countries Science and Technology Partnership Programme (CSA-STEP) and enhance our economic cooperation through Technology Transfer".

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According to the statement, he offered to cooperate in every sector where Chinese suppoprt is needed by Pakistan, including maritime industry, renewable energy, biodiversity,  establishment of joint scientific laboratories for the young scientists and working together for the climate change for benefit of all humanity.

With satisfaction, the President noted that in accordance with the Framework Agreement on Science and Technology signed between the two countries in 1976, so far 17 protocols have been concluded. The 18th Protocol is being signed during this visit.

"Pakistan and China are 'iron brothers', strategic partners and good neighbours. Friendship with China is the cornerstone of our foreign policy and our strategic partnership serves as an anchor for regional peace and stability. Pakistan would continue to focus on further enhancing trade relations with China to bring them at par with bilateral political and strategic relations" he said.

The president underscored that the latest example of "our excellent economic cooperation" is the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC). He emphasized that the momentum of high-level bilateral exchanges and enhancement of people-to-people interaction, should be maintained.

He also said that "Scientific knowledge and technology can bring value addition to CPEC projects. We are keen to incorporate this knowledge in our industry for value addition of local raw materials and finished products".

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