How to spot fake Infinix Hot 4

How to spot fake Infinix Hot 4

Some people fall victims of buying fake Infinix smartphones. It is important for you to buy the original to avoid incidence encountered by previous buyers of the fake product, one of such complains being that the phone explodes inside their pocket.

How to spot fake Infinix Hot 4

Here is a simple guide on how to identify a fake Infinix Hot 4 from the original Infinix Smartphone

Camera: The front camera of the original is located How to spot fake Infinix Hot 4on the top left, while the fake one is located on the top right.

Charging port: The charging port on the original Infinix Hot 4 is located on the bottom left while it is located in the centre at the top on the fake one.

To ensure that you do not fall a victim of purchasing a fake Infinix Hot 4, you might want to always take out time to check its features.