Wallflower prevents fire outbreak

Wallflower prevents fire outbreak


Wallflower is a device that helps to prevent fire outbreak by ensuring that your stove is being turned off, especially for electric stove users. This puts peoples minds to rest as they can now be sure that they don't have anything on fire and burning when no one is around.

How does Wallflower do this?
When you set up an account with Wallflower, it indicates to you through your phone (maybe an iPhone or Android), when your stove is in use or when you had forgotten to put it off. It is a plug that is fitted between your power outlet and your stove. It can also indicate when your juice is overflowing.

How is it connected?
The setting up process will just take about 2 minutes. First of all, it should be noted that Wallflower is a bit larger than a standard plug. So, an extension may or will be needed. A little difficulty might be experienced in getting to your stove's plug, but you may simply pull out the drawer underneath and then plug everything in. Wallflower is being set up through Wi-Fi Direct and everything is set.

Wallflower prevents fire outbreak

What does Wallflower do?
As a smart product, it lets you know when the stove is turned on. It studies your cooking habit and tries to guess when you might have accidentally left the stove on, and when you actually intended to leave the stove on, probably for cooking reasons.

You can set up cooking timers within the Wallflower app or you can use your phone or Alexa. you can also set up an alert timer to know when it is still on after a certain period of time. You can also set an alert to know when you've moved more than 1,000 feet away from a defined location while the stove is still on.

What Wallflower cannot do
Wallflower is only meant to warn you warn you to turn things off before there's a fire outbreak, this it does a long time before such outbreak on order to avoid it. It can only tell you when the stove is off or on, (It also tells you when it's "hot" by guessing that it'll remain hot for 15 minutes after it was last on.) But it can't actually turn off the stove. If it really turns off the stove, that would've made it an incredibly smart product.

Who should use Wallflower?
Anybody can. You may just not want to rely solely on yourself for safety, or you may want to set it up because of an aging relative or your kids. Whatever reason you have, just be sure to prevent fire outbreak.

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