How to avoid luggage misplacement when traveling

How to avoid luggage misplacement when traveling

Avoiding misplacement of luggage or luggage items and how to put a stop to forgetting belongings before and after travel.

Some wouldn't see the need to having a guideline of how to successfully retain a complete luggage after a travel. But the truth is, so many people are fond of forgetting or misplacing belongings out of carelessness or poor luggage-safety techniques.  

It's always a sad moment when very important items are forgotten when embarking on or returning from a trip. This has caused many sad endings like missed appointments, failing to bring requested requirements, etc. Before traveling, one must be acquainted with the steps below to enable easy retrieval of travel items.

Let's take a real life instance and use a name—a person. This name would be used throughout the course of the explanation.
For instance, Mrs. John—a breastfeeding mother, decides to travel for a five day Women conference holding in point B. She will be traveling from point A (where she lives) to B (location of the conference), and then back to A, and would do this through a bus. Ok, please pay attention.

How can I travel without getting my belongings misplaced or some items forgotten?

How to avoid luggage misplacement when traveling


1. Know or at least have an idea of your destination:
Mrs. John being conversant with the location of the travel helps to understand the type of luggage to be arranged. If Mrs. John does not want any luggage content misplaced, she would ensure to seek information—more on aim and location of her travel before departure.  

2. Arrange luggage few hours before departure:
Mrs. John should always ensure to arrange her luggage and that of her baby, some hours before hitting the road to allow effective arrangement. Early arrangement eliminates any fear of forgetting a necessary item for the journey.
Yes! Some journeys are impromptu, if Mrs. John is faced with such stance, she should make sure her luggage contents are listed or detailed on a note, thereby, using the 'list and check' technique.

3. Know what’s in your bag/know your arrangements:
Mrs. John is a nursing mother, which means; proper knowledge of luggage contents is highly needed because she wouldn't only be looking out for herself, but also for her baby. Also, some journeys request certain requirements such as certificates, gifts, fragile items, perishable goods etc. She should do well to know where to place items, either delicate or otherwise during a journey.

4. Place your quick-use items in a separate bag:
Quick-use items are those that Mrs. John can't do without during the course of a journey, like her baby's things, her phone(s), etc. For accessibility, the reach helps a great deal, saving her the stress of always having to open her main luggage to get quick-use items.

On arrival to point B:

5. Always be luggage-conscious:
Mrs. John should endeavour to be conscious of her luggage as she checks into a Hotel where she has reservation—because, they've been countless instances of mistakenly exchanged luggage.

6. Perceive the surrounding of destination before opening your luggage:
Mrs. John checks into a hotel with a clean serene environment. She takes her time to notice her environment before she opens her luggage. This observation helps when she would want to leave the hotel, to tell her how she met the place.

7. Avoid general carelessness:
No matter how careless Mrs. John may be, avoidance of throwing her baby's clothes, even hers or carelessly placing them in inappropriate places would leave her an unhappy mother at the end of the conference.

Returning to Point A:

8. Arrange hours before hitting the road:
Finally, the women's conference is over, the hard part comes here. Mrs. John should follow the same steps she followed when embarking on the journey. She should arrange her belongings few hours before her trip back home. Here, the number two above comes in handy—knowing what is in your bag. She would return items as removed and even make space for any new one if necessary.

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9. Check/confirm luggage before leaving:
One last check would not hurt the nursing mother. The success of a great trip would loom with this particular step.
Her clothes, those of her baby's, their quick-to-use bag, underwear, etc. should be checked and confirmed before checking out of the hotel.

Back at point A:

10. On getting home confirm your items:
Hurrah! Mrs. John is home. But here, she has to cross examine her luggage to be entirely sure the trip was a success without any item misplaced.

NOTE: These steps are applicable to every kind of trip at any location and they are like a walk in the park. Remember! Even the sharpest brain could forget a thing or two while traveling. Follow these steps today, and be free from travel items misplacement.  


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